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Wausau School District

Social Studies Teacher and Social Studies Department Chair

I have been a teacher in the Wausau School District since 1993.  I attended Luther College for my BA and earned my Masters of Arts in Education in 1997.  I teach various courses in the Wausau East Social Studies Department including Economics, Sociology and U.S. History.  In addition to my Social Studies License, I have my teaching License in ELL.

Teaching Social Studies is rewarding as I work with students to establish their own views on history, current events and their role as Global Citizens. The world of Social Studies curriculum is ever changing in Wisconsin and the WSD.  It is our goal to be current in our curriculum in order to teach the world that our students are experiencing. We are ever mindful to teach tolerance and encourage our students to take advantage of all the opportuniteis a public education offers. As the Wausau East Social Studies Department Chair, I work closely with all of our courses and district requirements to make sure our Wausau East students are fully prepared for college and career goals following graduation.

I am a true student and spend a lot of time designing all of my lessons to be current and relevant to all students in my classroom. I enjoy teaching students how to think and establish their own views on local, national and global issues.  I want all students to be able to articulate their thoughts orally as well as in the written form.

I invite you to contact me with any questions about your student or my courses.  The best method of contact is email ([email protected]) or phone (715-261-0650 ex 23279).


1st Hour (7:45-8:35) Class

2nd Hour (8:40-9:25) Prep

3rd Hour (9:30-10:15) Class

4th Hour (10:20-11:05) Class

5th Hour (11:45-12:30) Prep

6th Hour (12:35-1:20) Class

7th Hour (1:25-2:10) Class

8th Hour (2:15-3:00) Department Chair Prep


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