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Mrs. Holdhusen

My name is Elona Holdhusen.  I am a Program Support Teacher (PST) with the Special Education Department in the Wausau School District.  My area of focus is autism and assitive technology.  Before taking on the role of PST, I served as the 3rd-5th grade special education teacher in the CARE Program (Children with Autism and Related Educational needs) at South Mountain Elementary School.  I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology from Augustana College and a Master's in Education (M.Ed, Special Education: Multiple and Severe Disabilities) from Georgia State University.  My professional interests include: sensory regulation supports for students with Autism, positive behavior supports, assistive technology, supporting communication for non-verbal learners and structured teaching.  I have been a special education teacher for 14 years.  I am easiest to reach via email and I can also be reached by phone.  


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