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Ms. Jaime Stepan

I am the Family and Consumer Science teacher at Horace Mann Middle School.  I received my Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Science from UW-Stevens Point. This is my fourth year teaching at Horace Mann; however, I taught 2 years at Abbotsford High School and 4 years at Stratford Middle School and High School.  In addition, I owned my own women’s clothing boutique in Stevens Point, WI.  The courses I teach at Horace Mann Middle school include 7th grade family and consumer sciences, 8th grade family and consumer sciences, and enrichment courses offered to 6th and 7th graders. 


Family and Consumer Science Courses

7th Grade FCS:  Sew What

The Sew What course is designed to give students a chance to learn basic machine sewing techniques and practices.  Students will learn to read patterns and symbols required for successful project completion.  Students will practice use of varied types of sewing equipment for machine stitch work.  The ability to follow and understand sewing construction directions and terminology will be emphasized within project construction.  As a result of taking Sew What, students will have completed a drawstring bag project and developed skills that will enable them to complete more projects, on their own.  


8th Grade FCS:  Fundamental Foods

The FUNdamental Foods course gives students the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills.  The focus of Fundamental Foods will include an emphasis on safety and sanitation through various hands-on activities.  Students will learn how to successfully read a recipe and acquire the skills needed to complete all cooking labs.  Further emphasis will be placed on correct measuring and cooking technique, using basic equipment, understanding cooking terminology, nutrition, and recipe costing.  In addition, students will gain an understanding of quick breads, yeast breads, and pastries. Fundamental Foods is offered as a semester course and a year long course, with students in class every other day. The year long courses allows students to have a deeper understanding of course curriculum and more hands on experiences with labs.


Virtual Learning:

I will be posting on Mondays on itsLearning activities and assignments students need to be completing for the week. Most of the lessons the students will have choices of different activities to do that spread over a broad range of Family and Consumer Sciences. This allows students to have accessability to more options available in their home. I am available through email anytime and will usually respond within a short time. I, also, am available on google meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2 pm weekly. 



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