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Mrs. Klug

Getting to Know Me

Hi!  My name is Michelle Klug (Kloog), and my life roles are many.  I am a teacher, wife and mother. I love relaxing with my family, baking, kayaking, hiking, teaching, and working on DIY home projects and challenges. I get excited when I can share my experiences (successes and failures) with others in order to help them learn and grow while continuing to grow myself at the same time.  I truly believe we are stronger together and we are always learning.


Background Basics

I grew up in Wausau and attended Lincoln Elementary, John Muir Middle School, and Wausau West. I attended college at  UW-Stevens Point, and after graduation I started my teaching career in the Wausau School District. Over the last 30 years, my teaching experience has included work at the kindergarten, K-1 multi-age, first, second, third, and fourth, grade levels as well as teaching Reading Recovery at various schools all in the Wausau District.  I earned my Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Stevens Point. I've been a part of the Hawthorn Hills family for the last five years and am very excited to be teaching in fifth grade this year.


Contact Options

I can be reached at Hawthorn Hills in person or by phone (715)261-0045 ext. 27202 from 7:45 - 8:30. You may also contact me by e-mail at [email protected] at any time.  Life is busy and schedules are full.  Answering your questions or discussing concerns is very important to me!  Please allow a 24 hour response time for calls or messages sent after school hours.  Thank you!


Not There YET… but getting closer … together!

Being a mother of three (Matt - 28, Megan -26, and Mikahla - 18), I know what it’s like to worry about your children, want to protect your children, and the need to be an advocate for your children at all times. I understand celebrating both big and small accomplishments. My role as a teacher is no different.  I will work to do those same things for and with students each day.  In Room 202, we won't let ourselves get stuck in the “I don’t know’s” and the “I can’t’s”, but instead add YET to the end of those statements.  As we move through each lesson and each day, there will be ups and downs, struggles and gains, failures and successes, frustrations and celebrations.  I will continue to remind OUR kids that they may not be able to do something YET, but we can find strength in working together as we tackle challenges, overcome obstacles, experience new things, and learn more each day!  I hope you join the power of YET…..Youth Education Together. Let’s be strong together because our kids deserve it and... WE ARE HAWTHORN!

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