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Wausau School District

Ms. Lucareli

My name is Mary Lucareli and I have been living in Wausau since 1989.  I've been an art teacher at Franklin Elementary School since 1990, and most recently at Wausau Area Montessori Charter School.

I can honestly say that I have the very best job at school.  My students enjoy painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, and more.  Because art history is such a passion, students at each grade level study a variety of artists, art styles, and movements each year.

An important part of my life is family.  My husband, Kevin Eichelberger, enjoys riding his bike, talking about bikes, and shopping for bikes.  My daughter, Kate, enjoys reading, writing and driving to Starbucks.  My step-daughter, Meredith, is studying International Business at Kansas University.

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