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Wausau School District


My name is Mary Steffen and this is my 11th year at Stettin Elementary.  The first 6 years I was a building aide and now secretary.  I have been with the Wausau School District for 24 years.  I've also worked at Riverview, Grant and Central Office.   

I've lived in Wausau my entire life.  My husband Mike and I have three children.  Amy lives in Holmen, WI with her husband Jon and two children.  Evan is 7 years old and Claire 5 .  Eric lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife Ashley and two children. Sawyer is 2 years old and Kennedy was born 1/19/20.   Michelle lives in Geneva, Switzerland with her husband Nick and their 2 year old son, Garrett. Thankgoodness, it's only a 3 year job committment!  

I love my job and feel very privileged to be part of the Stettin family!  




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