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Wausau School District

Project-based Learning

I am Oliver Burrows, teacher/chair of the Project-based Learning (PBL) Department at Wausau East High School.  In our department, we have five courses, which are:


Introduction to Project-based Learning (year-long)

Fundamentals of Project-based Learning (semester long)

Intermediate Project-based Learning (year long)

Advanced Project-based Learning (year long)

Special Topics in Project-based Learning (year long)


Our motto in our department is "PBL:  A Different Path to Learning".  We work with all students in any operation (our term for project) that fits their learning style(s) and enables them to reach the highest levels of academic achievement.  PBL allows students to exercise their creativity and demonstrate mastery of different academic concepts and content.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve youand your students.  Having spent over four decades in business, secondary and post-secondary education, government, and other fields (including hosting daily and weekly secular and non-secular radio programs for the past nine years), I have been able to return to my life-long goal of teaching at the high school level.

If you need to reach me by phone, please call (715) 261-0650 ext. 23106 or by e-mail using the link below my picture at the top of this page.  I will be glad to meet with you at any time to discuss ways we can better assist you and your students or to answer any schedule, curricular, or other questions you may have.

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