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Wausau School District

Music Is My Life...

I am available at John Muir Middle School from 7:15 AM - 8:45 AM and at Wausau East High School from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM, M - F


JOHN MUIR VIRTUAL ED LINK: /ContentArea/ContentArea.aspx?LocationID=14651&LocationType=1



Mixed Choir: /ContentArea/ContentArea.aspx?LocationID=16238&LocationType=1

Concert Choir Women: /ContentArea/ContentArea.aspx?LocationID=16234&LocationType=1

Concert Choir Men: /ContentArea/ContentArea.aspx?LocationID=16236&LocationType=1


I receieved my Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and my Masters of Counseling from Concordia University. I was hired in the Wausau Public School system in 1992 and taught General Music and Choir at John Muir and Choir at Wausau West up until 2012 - at which time I transferred to the Wausau East Vocal Music Program. You may contact me anytime via email. You may call me during work ours and locations specified above.

Music is largely my life. I've been in bands and writing music since my teens and have toured nationally as both an opera singer and rock n' roller. Today, I teach vocal music in school and also teach private guitar lessons, write / record original music (available on Itunes), write / record radio / TV jingles and perform-with / produce various local bands on weekends. My only real non-music passion is aviation. I am a private pilot and I fly / restore vintage military aircraft. I have a 16 year old daughter whom currently attends Wausau West as a junior. Her main focus is dance, but she also plays flute and makes a mean triple-chocolate cookie!


Pd 0 - Prep

Pd 1 - 6th Grade Music Exploration / John Muir

Pd 2 - Prep / Travel

Pd 3 - Concert Choir Womens Sectional / East HS

Pd 4 - Mixed Choir Full Rehearsal / East HS

Pd 5 - Lunch

Pd 6 - Concert Choir Mens Sectional / East HS

Pd 7 - Lessons

Pd 8 - Prep / Lessons

Prestige / S&E / Special Rehearsals


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